{The Denim Ways}


There’s not a person on this earth that does not own a pair of denim jeans (hats off Mr. Levi), better yet I dare you count all the pairs that have been called your own through out your whole life time. Lost count? I thought so. And I don’t blame you; in fact I salute you. It is the most stable and faithful item that will ever hang in your closet. So of course, they are deserving of an article. Proceed by filing under uniform dressing.

 When we come into our daily routines of selecting our clothes, there is a 85% chance we might pick out a pair of denim jeans, they may take you to work, run errands, lunch with girlfriends, date night, road trips –list goes on and on, they are the perfect chameleon to what we want to be/do that day. Here is where these faithful pairs become more astonishing and underrated piece of clothing, they come with us everywhere and have evolved to fulfill our lifestyle needs.

The Boyfriend. The most relaxed of cuts. Slouchy around the waist, rugged and comfortable, it’s made to give an effortless look maintaining that thoughtless vibe for which they have earned the throne of the fashionista’s choice. My rule when wearing these is to pair with a structured top to balance out proportions to help look put together.

Top: Cameo the Label, jeans: Zara {similar}, heels: Brian Atwood {similar}, clutch: Sara {similar}, choker: Zara, earring & necklace: Sara, sunnies: Karen Walker

Flare leg jeans. These are my favorite; hemmed right way allow you to hide a chunky wedge that adds on a few inches and make a leg run for days. Made popular in the 70’s, they are best when worn in a bohemian way. Give out good vibes with a tunic and colorful necklaces.    

Top: Sara,  jeans: Urban Outfitters {similar}, clutch: Sara, necklaces: Sara

Skinny jeans. Some say they’re on their way out but I digress. Don’t miss out on keeping these awesome jeans for they are versatile, look great in heels or chucks like shown on the outfit. I went with a casual look, something I’d normally wear, with a favorite tee and tweed jacket.

Tee: Finders Keepers, jeans: Sara {similar}, jacket: Zara, sneakers: Converse, bag: Phillip Lim

Wide-leg jean. A girl next door approach never fails and the most appropriate for work. Tuck in a crisp white button down or a dainty crochet top for a feminine feel. I added pops of leopard print because we all know it’s a neutral and a wide belt that helps accentuate the waist.

Top: Cameo the Label, jeans: Juicy Couture {similar}, belt: Lucky Jeans {similar}, bag: Sara, loafers: Sam Edelman {similar}, sunnies: Karen Walker

The last look is for all the girls who like their jeans with a little sparkle (*raises hand). Due to it’s strong fabric, jeans have been patched, painted, distressed  --you name it, all in the name of fashion and paying for a hole filled-falling-apart-jeans might not always make our peers proud but we do it anyway. I found these embellished jeans and never looked back. I created a look for a party going outfit, thanks to the witches that came down the Saint Laurent runway I am completely obsessed with the bow and tux trend.

Top: Line & Dot, jeans: Urban Outfitters, blazer: Urban Outfitters, clutch: Diane Von Furstenberg, pumps: Christian Louboutin, bow & earrings: Sara

Jeans win for the most trusted and comfortable item that merits the investment or thrift of a lifetime  --and in the risk of sounding like an infomercial, try them all and find the kind that’s right for you.  There are many styles and cuts of jeans that flatter and fit every body type, extensive research done to achieve that will back me up; do you think Kim K. really has that back end? Let’s hope not. 


  1. Fantastic post. All of these are great looks, with my favorite being the flare and surprisingly, the last one!


    1. I know, this was my favorite too!! Doesn't compromise comfort and still looks stylish. :) I'm glad you liked it, means a lot. Have a great weekend! :)